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2009 Janesville Knit In

I had such a fun time this weekend.  Like I said this year has been a roller coaster.  One minute I’m all woe and the next minute I’m having a blast.

Friday night I went to the pizza party and the talk with Nancy Bush.  This was awesome and we all got to fondle socks from her books Vintage Knitting and Socks on the Road.  It was awesome to hear her talk.

Saturday I attended two classes.  One was Estonian Lace knitting with Nancy Bush and the second was Latvian mitten cuffs.  I really loved both classes.  The lace one was very similar to the Russian knitting class Julie and I took in the fall.  Some of the techniques are very similar.  One main difference is in Estonia they purl back.  In Russia they knit back.  Both create beautiful shawls.

The mitten cuffs was awesome as well.  My favorite was the diagonal rib cuff, which has a special little technique that was nice to learn and not have to figure out on my own.  I will definitely use this technique.

new sock yarn stash 2-8-2009 10-20-05 AM

They also had vendors in the basement and I picked up a couple of items.  I think with the warmer weather I was really jones-ing for spring as I bought these two Trekking balls.  I think Trekking may be my new favorite commercial spun yarn.  The colors are awesome.  I used to love Opal like this, but that has seemed to wane over the years and Trekking is definitely the new favorite.

New patterns

I also picked up some awesome patterns.

awesome gift from Janesville Knitting Guild 2-8-2009 10-21-53 AM

One really cool thing that happened to me, was I won this prize.

Everyone gets a door prize at this event.  This was a huge one.  This book and 10 skeins of Seduce which will make the one the cover.  Is this not awesome.  This isn’t something I would buy for myself, so this was a really nice gift for me.  Thank you Janesville Knitting Guild and Berroco!

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