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A Little Stash Enhancement

So of course I knew of a few good stores that were somewhat nearby the errands that we were doing that day.

I wasn’t feeling so well on Saturday, but went along because yarn was involved. First we went to Heritage Weaving and Spinning, which is a great store. Normally a bunch of Opal follows me home from here, but all the ones I had I really liked I already had in my stash. Bummer. Anyway I found some nice patterns to add to my collection. Now I know I wasn’t feeling well this day because I even forgot to ask about those new Addi lace needles. I want to try those and sure enough I forgot to ask. By the time we got to the other store, I remembered and it was too late and the store I was in didn’t have any. Bummer.


I did have a look at the new Louet Victoria – it is so small and cute. I refrained because I really love my Joy, but I can see why it is so popular.

In the second store, which is a really upscale knitting store, I found some Koigu I liked and a couple more patterns for my collection.


Not really a huge hull. Not feeling so hot definitely curbed my shopping enthusiasm that’s for sure.

~ Madame Purl

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    1. Julie 16 April - 2007

      Lots of nice new patterns and I love that orange koigu!