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A Fine Fleece

Make room on your bookshelves, folks. This one is a keeper.

I’m a big fan of Lisa Llyod’s patterns already, so if you like the gorgeous cables, socks, and laces – there are more, more and more. I started flipping through the book and kept going “yup this one is on my list. Oh and this one too. Oh… I love this.” Of course I love it even more as it’s also about spinning and fleeces as well, but it looks like each project has a sample knit in commercial spun yarn.


I don’t know all her patterns by heart, but I think I only saw one that was in already in my collection – it’s the Saxony Sock.



So this is definitely a must have – I’m sure DH will also pick out several he loves as well.

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  • COMMENTS (3)

    1. Katinka 22 April - 2008

      I was already considering buying this book, but your photos pushed me over the edge. 😉 Them’s some seriously beautiful cables.

    2. Julie 10 April - 2008

      I wondered how that was going to be.

    3. jessie 10 April - 2008

      Stop. Lalalalalalalala I’m not listening. I do not need another book. i do not need another book.

      I hope you’re happy.