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A Good Start

Guess what? My Mom actually won a yarn prize. She won the Laine Ruban Sock Yarn in Coconut Lime – totally her color.

She is so excited. She is a new knitter and dog lover… well animal lover really. I’m sure that’s where I get my animal loving ways from… when we worked together at her florist, for a while there, it doubled as a rescue and adoption service for lost pets. It seemed like some hobo sign language only known to dogs and cats was on the side of our building.

When I found out about Jack from Rissa’s blog, I told her about him. She doesn’t have a computer, but she had me read everything off their website. We both made a donation over the holidays and lo and behold she won. Yeah!

There’s still time to get in for the big drawing. For every $10 you donate you get a raffle ticket and there is still some mini-drawings along the way.

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