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A Little Knitting and A Little Spinning

Well it seems that since I started quilting, my knitting and spinning has slowed to a snail pace.  It got even slower now that I’m working on the Farmer’s Wife.  So, it’s slow, but not forgotten.

Long Shadows

I joined Knitspot’s Fall In Color Club and this is the first pattern – Long Shadows.  I had 1100 yards of this gorgeous superwash merino and silk lace, so I decided to do the stole over the scarf.  It’s an easy, but for me… not fast knit.  Yarn is by Happy Hands Dyed Yarn.

Fountain Pen Shawl
 Next is Fountain Pen Shawl – which got tossed aside for Long Shadows, but not forgotten.  Have to get back to this one.  This is Gypsy Girl Lace yarn.

Some Spinning

Finally – some spinning.  Got about half of this gorgeous dark fleece done.  It’s a Romney – or Romney cross – I can’t remember now, but it’s super soft for a Romney.



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  • COMMENTS (2)

    1. melanie 28 September - 2011

      The lace colors are so lovely!

    2. Julie 28 September - 2011

      Knitspot always does such lovely patterns. The handspun looks great, always love that Romney sheen.