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A Little Lady

Yesterday Coco had a really big day at the groomers.  I asked them to take her coat down a bit more to a traditional puppy coat for poodles and look what we have here.  She’s a very light apricot now.


In the past two weeks, her nose and legs have grown giving her a full poodle look.  In the last week, she has filled out a bit more.  I do think we are only go to be in the 5-6 pound range for sure though.






Our day started off with a trip to the post office, while DH took Max and Sophie onto the groomers and then went to work.  Then we went to the local market to put down a deposit on a locally grown turkey.  Unfortunately that didn’t work out, but it was in a busy area and I thought it might be good to take Coco for a walk since we had a little time to kill.  Everyone fawned over here and a little girl wanted to pet her and hold her.  Well, Coco is a submissive pee-er and the little girl got a little wet, but didn’t seem to notice or mind. She did really well walking by a busy street and next week we may get over there again for another walk since it was a good experience for her and I want her to be well adjusted.

Dog’s only bite when they are afraid, so exposing them to as many new situations as possible when they are young and pilable is good.  We even got to walk by a busy street and she keep her eyes on me and walked right with me.  She’s also learning how to walk on a leash and that was real progress.

Finally we went onto puppy class, where I have to tell you she is the most rotten, but that is totally my fault.  She is the youngest though in class and the smallest, so it’s going to take her a little longer.  There’s a boxer there with the most stellar skills.  Kudos to that owner for sure.  A chocolate lab that looks at Coco like a snack and several other various dogs.  I did find out though her motivator is roast beef.  She’ll do anything for roast beef, so we picked some up to practice with at home. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.  Although any lunch meat in this house can send everyone into a frenzy.  It should at least be entertaining.

Her last event of the day was the groomer and then home.  She put herself to bed at 8:30 last night, it was a long day for the little dog.

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    1. Julie 06 October - 2008

      What a cutie and looking so grown up! It sounds like she’s really doing well.