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A Little Stash

My friend Dawn and I headed out Friday for a little retail therapy.  Lots of good swag came home.

First we stopped by Acorn, which was a zoo after her announcement of closing.  I only snagged one yard and a pattern.  I will go by this week when things settle down and get a few backs for quilts that are close to being finished.

Then we headed to Material Girls.  I got a little kit to make a thread catcher and a ruler to make a tubular quilt.

Quilting Stash

Then we went to Pieceful Gatherings and I picked up a kit to make Star String by Pam Buda in the Primitive Quilts Magazine and a few little snippets.  Love the snippets.

Quilting Stash

Yesterday we were going to head out to IKEA, but I haven’t been sleeping well and didn’t feel like going out there.  So the hubby went for a haircut and then we went to breakfast.  There is a new quilt shop near by and I had been in there looking at the Civil War Ladies fabric.  Mom bought me the FQ bundle and the Civil War Anniversary Quilt book a while ago and I’ve set the bundle aside waiting to make it, but I saw this super cute Hands All Around quilt block and went – so cute, must make!

Hands All Around

After it festered for awhile and I saw the fabric was in general no longer available, I bought the pattern  – $2 on Ebay – and then ran back to the only store I knew that had it and got the fabric to make it.  They had about 2 3/4 yards left, so plenty.  I found the pattern on EQ7 and put it on point, so the ladies will be upright.  This is just what I’m thinking, but it’s going to be a bit scrappier when I’m done.  This was fun to play.  I think it’s all ready to go.

Quilting Stash

When I was buying my ladies I spied this cute postage fabric again and got the kit for the table runner and placemats.  I’m thinking I’m going to have to start sewing 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to make everything I want to make.  🙂

Hope you’re all having a very nice holiday weekend!


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    1. Julie 03 April - 2013

      Nice stash enhancement. Love the postage fabric!