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A Needy Little Sunshine

For Whisker’s on Wednesday, we have Sunshine, who has been quite the little needy bug lately.  She’s been all about the lap time and getting into the camera when possible.  She goes in spurts.  I think I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth mentioning again because it’s such a nice story with a happy ending and we could all use more of those.  She was born in a barn, and dropped off by her Mama on the porch of the farmhouse when it appeared that things were just not right.

Sunshine smile 5-25-2009 5-49-57 PM

Not only had her eyes never opened yet, they were full of green gunk and obviously Mama knew that something was clearly wrong and she needed human help.  A very nice and caring vet tech bottle fed her and cared for her until we adopted her, which was on the first day she was available for adoption at a cat’s only vet we used to go to when we lived in another city.   I had wanted a calico and DH mentioned to them… if they happen to have a calico kitten in the future.  Well, they did happen to have a calico – named Sunshine – and she was quite a little hellion.  She never wanted to be held or cared for but over time and some persistence from us, keenly watching the cues,  she’s become a lap kitty on her terms.  Above she is cuddled on my husband’s lap.  Last night was my turn.


The funny thing is Sunshine and Emma were both not cuddly kittens, but they have an understanding.  When we moved we put them together in a crate when Sunshine wouldn’t stop shaking.  She was just shaking like a leaf, nervous about leaving the only home she had ever known at that point.  When I went back to check on them, I found Emma with her arm around Sunshine comforting her that things would be ok.  They were just fine and obviously now with both their lap kitty status, they decided things are ok.  So really two nice stories today.  Have a happy day!

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  • COMMENTS (3)

    1. Terrie 27 May - 2009

      Wonderful story! Sunshine is so pretty 🙂

    2. julie 27 May - 2009

      Sunshine is such a sweetie and an inspiration to shy calicos everywhere.

    3. sprite 27 May - 2009

      Awww! That is a sweet story.