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A Spoonful of Tuna Makes the Medicine Go Down

Unfortunately Saturday night our poor Tobey wasn’t feeling well.  He was found just sitting in his litter box – not moving.  When I touched him he howled bloody murder.  Not a pleasant sound I assure you.  Since of course it’s 8:30 on Saturday what do you do?  Well fortunately I reached for the bat phone and dialed up my vet.  I have his cell phone for emergency purposes and it was pretty clear this was an emergency that wouldn’t make it to Monday at the earliest.


Thank goodness he was just sitting around watching TV with his family.  He meet me at the office by 9:05 and we were off.  First off it wasn’t a blockage, just a horrible infection.  Yes, the same horrible infection that he had a month ago.  He had the strongest medicine they have available last month and even with two rounds of antibiotics, this obviously didn’t go away.  When we did the second dose, it was only a little infection left, so I figured after a 14-day dose we got it all.  I guess not.

tobey  11-9-2008 11-30-16 AM

Well we’re going to do a culture this time to see what type of bacteria this is.  We did a blood test last time as his behavior was also off, but that all came back negative.  He also had fluids intravenously and a pain killer/muscle relaxer and a dose of antibiotics by shot to give him a boost.  By the time we got home, he was feeling good.  Anyway, we caught it again early, so I think he’ll pull through fine.  I’ll keep you all posted on what it ends up being.


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    1. Holly 10 November - 2008

      All good wishes to poor Tobey and you. It’s so hard when they aren’t feeling well.