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A Trip to the Frog Pond

Well unfortunately I had to frog Longshadows.  Somewhere I got the numbers off and next thing you know a hole.  I think too much time had past between knitting sessions.  Ugh!  Remember it here…

Long Shadows

Well it’s now back in ball state.  Longshadows frogged

I think after I finish the Fountain Pen Shawl I’ll try it again.  I’m over half-way on this one, so it’s taking priority now.  Speaking of Fountain Pen Shawl… the numbers were right on, so I ran a life line, but then put it away after being humbled by the frog pond.

Fountain Pen shawl life line

I’ll pick it up another day.


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    1. Julie 23 January - 2013

      Lace is fickle like that. I have some lace things needing to be frogged as well. Glad fountain pen is cooperating!