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A Visit

So after Friday’s Eye Candy Post – Monsieur Purl and I hopped in the car and headed out to see my Mother and take care of some other business in the area. On the way we saw a beautiful crane at a rest stop – I made it a little nervous and it flew to the other side of the pond, but I was able to get this picture first.


My Mother, the crafty lady herself, made me this bag. Here is the front.


Here is the back.


Not only does it have one long strap to sling it over your shoulder, but here is the inside, with all the organizers.


~ Madame Purl

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  • COMMENTS (2)

    1. Carrie 16 April - 2007

      Well you have definately sprung from crafty roots…that bag is beautiful 🙂 Glad you had a nice weekend !

    2. Jackie 16 April - 2007

      What a great bag, very pretty!