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Adding To The Mountain

So if you buy stuff to mix in with other stuff, does that really count as stash enhancement? Probably. I would assume if the total content goes up then yes, you have had a stash enhancement exercise or the letters, which I won’t list out. Really, don’t need spam.

nylon and alpaca

So while I have been drooling over A Fine Fleece: Knitting with Handspun Yarnsa fine fleece, I decided I really need some nylon to mix in with my rovings. Did you see those cormo/nylon blended socks? <singingly> Sign me up, sign me up. Anyway… I realized that there was a hole in my mountainous stash and it was nylon. I have mohair sure, nature’s nylon, but nylon… hmmm… this synthetic thing is a whole new ball of wax. Well, well… a hole must be plugged. Going to give a pound a go and see what happens. At a 20% ratio that should blend up to 5 pounds. Check. Did I mention you get a discount on quantity?

Also, went by the lovely new wool mill today…which, brace yourself, is on my way to work. Yes… on my way there and on my way home. Twice a day one mile over up the road there it is and it is wonderful. A lovely building, a little shop for wears, and lovely, lovely equipment. We looked at samples and I dropped off that Coopworth fleece I bought on Saturday. I’m currently working on the Shetland.

She had some little sampler bags of alpaca roving… I dove in. Now be kind… it’s only 4 ounces. What’s 4 ounces, really? Not that much and it was a very good price. It’s the bits at the end and begs to be spun very fine when I did my test… but I’ve been itching to do some kitchen sink batts and may add a bit of this stuff in. I thought I might use it for the Danish Tie Shawl. I have all the blues spun – about a pound worth, but I’m going to opt out of the alpaca top – will pill badly according to my last item made with it, if I remember correctly, and will sub in something roving wise. I’m thinking one light and one dark brown. It needs a bit of balance to tone the blues I think… and I like to use odd numbers. My mother, the florist, always says use odd numbers in arrangements, it’s more pleasing to the eye.

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    1. vanessa 23 April - 2008

      4 ounces is nothing!