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All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without benefit of experience. ~ Henry Miller

I feel like I stuck a toe in and said “yup the water is just fine” and then did a cannon ball in the middle of the pool.  The photo bug has bit hard.  I ended up back at the camera shop today.  My SD card was going and they will replace them for free, plus I wanted an extra back-up battery and another card.  Well, I had a thought… do you know where this is going.

Well I had a thought – if my 85mm f1.4 is back ordered until the end of November.  Ugh and double ugh, well maybe a 50mm f1.4 would work.  I took some sample shots with my camera and then some sample shots with the macro 60mm f2.8.  Well hands down I liked the macro lens better for portrait – it’s a good length and good complement to the 85mm, plus the extra bonus of macro.  Some folks poo-poo this lens as being too short for macro that you block your own light.  Others poo-poo the crispness of the photos because – well some folks don’t want to look to crisp.  You can put a filter on to soften things up – or that little tool we call Photoshop would work wonders.  I read the reviews, but when I used them this one was better for me.  Don’t worry I’m not the only one in this camp – there are folks on both sides.  It’s funny though – because different tools seem to work differently for folks.  Like ice cream you need many flavors.

Plus if you didn’t look at the exif data – why would you – most of the macro shots that made the cut for photos to post after the class were with the 60mm.  It was smaller, lighter, and easier to handle for me – so home it came.  I could’ve probably worked with the 105mm a bit more – the vibration reduction would have been nice, but really I need one I can stand a little closer to the subject and one I’ll stand a little further away from for a different perspective.  Like I said a complement.  I don’t know why I’m talking I’ll just show you.

_DSC1525 _DSC1524

_DSC1519 Roar _DSC1536


_DSC1606 _DSC1551 interesting part of a tree Bye, bye birdie _DSC1570

Last but not least – my favorite.  If you have arachnophobia you may want to skip this one.  Really….

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

My friend Mailbox.  She lives in our mailbox.  I’ve evicted her 3 different times and yet she shows back up.  I believe just a common house spider.  She just moves to the side when I get my mail and I let her be now.  This was taken with an off camera flash bounced back into the mailbox, but not directly on her.

My Friend -  Mailbox

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  • What magnificent pictures! I’m really excited about them. The cat’s eye and the spider are simply splendid. You have a wonderful way of “seeing”.

  • COMMENTS (4)

    1. Doulton 31 October - 2010

      What magnificent pictures! I’m really excited about them. The cat’s eye and the spider are simply splendid. You have a wonderful way of “seeing”.

    2. Dawn 22 October - 2010

      Ok I was good until lst phot. You warned me but did I listen….noooooo. I just got the heebee jeebee’s

    3. Karen 22 October - 2010

      Wow…great pics!

    4. Julie 22 October - 2010

      Now that’s a nice lens, so many great shots but I have to admit, I like Madison and her water the best.