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Alpaca Lace

I finally finished two huge bobbins of alpaca lace. I’m using some of this for my learning exchange through the Handweavers Guild. I have some beautiful beads to go with it and I’m hoping to knit it into a beautiful shawl.

alpaca lace 1-4-2008 11-21-38 AM

I saw on Dave’s Cabin Cove a new spin along to spin up stash… it has very loose rules so I decided to join along for the fun. He also designed a very nice spreadsheet that I may use to try to keep track of my spinning.smw02

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    1. Joey Stott 05 January - 2008

      Hey stranger :), The lace weight is beautiful. I’m still working on that technique. – Have a great New Year.

    2. Dave Daniels 04 January - 2008

      That’s a LOT of alpaca lace. The color is beautiful, too.

    3. Julie 04 January - 2008

      The laceweight is gorgeous as always, I can’t wait to see what it turns into.