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And I’m Off…

Here are my two bags. my-bags.JPG

I have my boarding pass, bus ticket, small essentials and two sock knitting projects. My new purple bag from Donna is going to be the highlight and I’ll be showing it off to everyone. Wish the nervous traveler a safe trip. I’ll let you all know when I get there. Off to bed.


~ Madame Purl

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  • COMMENTS (7)

    1. jessie 11 May - 2007

      Have a wonderful time. Knit a lot!

    2. Maryellen 10 May - 2007

      Have a great trip.

    3. roggey 10 May - 2007

      wooo – I’m digging that blue one tremendously!

    4. amanda 10 May - 2007

      Have fun! Travel safely!

    5. Julie 10 May - 2007

      Yay, visiting time has finally arrived!

    6. Donna 10 May - 2007

      Enjoy your trip!!

    7. Jackie 09 May - 2007

      What a cute bag! Have a safe trip and a wonderful time!!