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Auntie Em’s Cat Tower

Yesterday Dawn, Cindy, and I trekked out to the annual cat show.  We go every year to look at the cute kitties and buy new things for our kitties.  This year I ran across these cool cat towers.  I was thinking this summer it would go out on the screened in porch, but they are loving it, so it may stay where it’s at, or just move around.  It’s only 22 pounds, so easy for me to move when necessary.  They took right to the hammock style for sleeping.

Auntie Em Cat Tower

What’s great is my Sweet Pea and Jasmine who don’t really like to jump can easily get up to the top.  She had lots of flavors of fabric to fit your decor and it’s totally washable.  It’s also very stable and not wobbly in the least for the kitties.  She also had different styles and tiers from 1 to 5 levels.

I grabbed a card and found out she has a website here and an Etsy site here.

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    1. Julie 04 February - 2013

      That looks aweomse! (but wow, 180$ for pvc and fabric?)