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Baking Time

So when DH has some time off to himself, he sure does love to bake.  We got not one, but two treats.

First a summer fruit pie

Summer Fruit Pie 5-26-2008 10-55-38 PM

and next a lemon pound cake.

Lemon Pound Cake 5-26-2008 10-56-01 PM

My contribution was quiche.

quiche 5-27-2008 9-03-23 PM

I have been having such a hankering for quiche.  I used this basic recipe found here and then added some bacon and some mushrooms to the mix.  I couldn’t wait to get into it and it’s totally delicious.  I used DH’s deep dish Emile Henry 9″ pie plate, so I made slightly more egg mixture.  I added 2 more eggs and 2/3 a cup more of half & half.  DH made both crusts from scratch and I think they were the best yet.

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    1. Laurie 02 June - 2008

      Looks like you did quite well in the DH department. Emile Henry? Crusts from scratch? *impressed*