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Been Monkey’d

Yesterday the mail brought a wonderful surprise – my Monkey Socks from the monkey sock swap. Whohoo… plus a ton of other goodies. Dawn really spoiled me… much to my delight. I loved everything and the socks fit perfect. The color was wonderful and she did a wonderful job knitting them.









Thank you so much Dawn for all the wonderful gifts and the wonderful pair of socks.


~ Madame Purl

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  • COMMENTS (7)

    1. Carrie 02 June - 2007

      Nice socks and looks like a fun swap!

    2. margene 29 May - 2007

      How fun to have Monkey’s knit by someone else!!

    3. Jennifer 29 May - 2007

      What a fun package!

    4. Julie 29 May - 2007

      Ooo, aren’t those beauties!

    5. Marina 29 May - 2007

      Gorgeous colours! Amazing how Dawn found so many things with monkeys on them.

    6. Donna 29 May - 2007

      That is a seriously awesome swap package!!

    7. Rissa 28 May - 2007

      Those socks rock! Seriously, they are beautiful.