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Bread and Waffles

So I know this is a knitting blog, but boy am I finding it hard to chase after a puppy and do the knit thing lately.  Plus I’ve been so tired.  It didn’t help that Sunday I decided to power wash the parts of the house siding I could reach.  Although it was really nice to walk out on the front porch and it was spider free.  Mostly.  They’ve already started to move back in.

Anyway I thought I break the bread maker out again and give it a whirl.  This was so-so tasting.  However, it does look pretty.


I sliced it thin for a sandwich, but it was a bit too yeasty or maybe it was the sunflowers.  It was sunflower and flax seed.  It could’ve been the flax seed.  Anyway – taste was just ok.


One really nice creation was the waffles that DH made.  Gorgeous and tasty.  I sliced the strawberries.  DH also ordered the maple syrup from Two Pigs Farm.  Light and flavorful.  Sorry it’s already sold out.  Have to wait for next year.


So I thought I knit it more since the last picture… then I realized I did, but then ripped it.  I put the brown in and it just didn’t work, so again I ripped it back a bit. I think the light blue looks better, much better.


I’m hoping to make some more progress tonight.

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    1. Since I can’t taste it, your bread looks great from here. Sorry you didn’t like it. And, the strawberries and waffles really look good.