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Brother The Third – PQ1500s

So if you’re keeping count this is really the 4th, but I hot handed off that Viking to get the Horizon and never looked back.  It wasn’t a bad little machine, but we just didn’t bond.

I sat down and sewed on Faygo Kitty Machine… which my Mother has insisted we call them… these may be what I call grief gifts.  You know.. the “Oh well fell better if we get ourselves a little something.”   She also got one and we instantly bonded to our new lovely machines.

Brother PQ1500s

There are just too many things I love about this machine.  One is the stitching.  It makes a beautiful stitch.  It’s a straight stitch only machine.  It does one thing and does it really well.

Next is the fact my fabric is not randomly ate at random intervals by menacing feed dogs.  Next is no stinking mess on the back of my sewing from the bobbin thread.  It starts and it stops right away, no extra stitch.

Finally it’s has a solid foot like the Bernina’s, which I think gives them the edge in piecing.  It also has POWER… can take a seam with lots of nesting seam pieces with a blink of the eye.  No shooting off to the side, no balking — just blazing a trail right over them.  Love that!  It has needle up and down and a push button stitch cutter and it was cheaper than my 3160QDC.  Amazing.

So far I’m amazed at how awesome my quarter inch seams are coming out.  Really there must be a lot of play in the feet on my Janome machines as I always seem a little short – with this lovely creation I’m either bang on or a little bit big, which I like because then I can square up the ugly bits.  So meet my new favorite…

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