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Wow – so I tried upgrading my blog myself to WordPress 2.71.  Whoops… well that didn’t go so well.  I totally and I mean totally broke the blog.  Thank goodness I had been doing backup’s nightly and had the old version.  I put the old version back on, restored, and then found an awesome plugin to do the work for me.  Yeah!  I completely amazed myself that I was able to figure this out.  Seriously, I’m not that technical and to totally have to wipe the slate clean and start over.  Whoa… impressive for me.

Anyway, I’m telling you all this because if you see anything crazy, please let me know.  I reloaded some of my favorite features and added a few new ones, so there may be something out there that doesn’t jive, but I won’t know until someone emails me or posts a comment to tell me.

Two skeins dyed the same look very different 3-30-2009 3-38-41 PM

So, I was busy working all last week on a big work project.  Ugh.  Not fun at all.  However, nice to have extra money.  I did manage to get some spinning done.  They are out of the same dyepot, but appear to be faternal twins.  I was going to knit them into some spinning socks, but I think now they may be too different.  I guess they are just stash now.

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    1. Angie 31 March - 2009

      That is interesting! One hot pink foot, one cool blue foot.

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    3. Julie 31 March - 2009

      Wow, it’s hard to believe those were in the same dyepot! They sure do look different. You could combine one skein with a natural color and do some stripey spinning socks similar to what folks have been doing with the Noro? http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/noro-stripey-socks

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