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Build A Frog

So I decided to take another art quilt class today.  The one I took before didn’t really stick, but I wanted it to stick.  I love art quilts and would really like to be an art quilter.  At least have it in my wheel house for when I get board of making blocks.

Right now I would say I’m a art quilt dabbler, but this frog is really calling to me… I’ll have to give it more thought and play with it some more.  We were using Serendipity Quilts as our guide which is a fast and loose cutting pasting technique.  When I got home I dug out my Impressionist Applique book, which I think creates a more realistic look.  I perused it when I got it, but really sat down and started reading it.  I’m in early chapters, but so far I think I may use a blending of the two techniques to bring my frog to life.

Art Quilt Frog

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