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Can I get an X?

So X is a freaking hard letter to find things for … of course we use it all time to shorten words like Christmas into x-mas, or to copy things – Xerox, or to have anti-anxiety – Xanax.  Or we say if you take X then add it/subtract it… you get the idea.  Anyway that’s my best use of X.

I realized we had no Saturday Sky yesterday, so I’m here to give you Sunday Sky, but since it’s below 0 and the windchill is something like -32 out… I took it from a window in the house at a different angle attempting to stay warm.


We had the fireplace on today and Honey did her best to warm the belly…


Madison preferred to hole up in a hidey hole.


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  • COMMENTS (2)

    1. Julie 22 December - 2008

      Oh Maddy is so cute! (And Honey too of course, what a lovely belly you have Honey!)

    2. michelle 22 December - 2008

      How about x-treme cold?