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Cheap and Cheerful Spinning Tools

So yes, I’m totally hooked on “How Clean is Your House?” They have the toned down, Swiffer pushing version over here on Lifetime and then they have the real gritty version on BBC America, which I swear I’ve watched every episode twice. One of the things that Kim is fond of saying is “cheap and cheerful,” which totally describes the next thing I show you. Let me just say this is not my original idea, but I learned it at the classes I took with Betty Burian Kirk, who came with an entire garbage bag full.

Behold the toilet paper holder.


Need a Nostepinne or spare bobbin in a pinch. Here you go. It just sticky enough to ply from both ends and yet slick enough to let you do it properly.

As you can see they can hold a lot of yarn and you can write what you have on there with a date, so you remember.


One of the things though is you want to make sure to when you wind it on to put the tail end out over the top and wind loosely if your planning on plying from both ends off of it.


If you’re planning on plying with another bobbin full go ahead an put it on your lazy kate.

You pull out a bunch and then you just ply like normal.


You’ll see how it comes off nice and easy


and you can easily support the spindle.


We did this wheel at the class and it worked wonderful. Finally once your done you can wind it back to the holder until your ready to put it in a skein.


Now here’s the one tip I find helpful especially with the spindle. The wheel moves a little faster and I don’t have this problem with it. Make sure to keep the bulk of your singles on the tp holder and only let a little off at a time. If it all comes off in a chunk it will be a pain to sort out.

Well that’s about it. Simple, eh? Like I said cheap and cheerful. Now start saving up your tp holders and let me know how it goes.

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    1. Jackie 08 August - 2007

      Thanks for the tip. You know it never dawned on me to ply from the same one!

    2. Maryellen 08 August - 2007

      cool idea and yes very cheap!