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For our anniversary DH and I decided to go to Chicago for a few days.  We stayed right downtown on MI Ave and were able to walk to the museum district.  We had a mission to see Lyuba – the woolly mammoth – who is currently visiting The Field Museum. DSC07420

She was gorgeous.


We also saw Sue.


And you can’t miss the man eating lions of Tsavo.


We ended up spending the whole day at The Field and I don’t think we saw it all.

The next day we went to the Shedd Aquarium.  That was very interesting as well, but since it was Saturday it was really busy.  The penguins were quite funny as usual.  They seem to like to ham it up when they know folks are watching.


We had a very nice time.  Chicago is doing a wonderful job with their green space and saw lots and lots of butterflies and moths on the plants.


If you want to see more pictures – you can find them here.

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    1. Bubblesknits 20 July - 2010

      The hubby and I really want to visit that museum. It’s a shame we live so far away from it.

    2. julie 16 July - 2010

      Looks like a great visit to the city!