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Coco and Madison

So today being Dog’s on Thursday, we of course have to see more of Coco, because I’m sure you haven’t seen enough of her this week.  😉


Something really funny happened yesterday.  I decided to kennel her for an hour or so while I went out to the vet with Chrissy.  When I got home I heard frantic meows.  I put Chrissy down in the hall and rushed in to see what the commotion was.  The first thing I see is Madison’s black fur pressed up against the door of the crate.  I whipped the door open and out she saunters complaining loudly the whole time.  Probably saying “do you know what you have done to me.  I wake up from my nap to find I’m stuck in here with this ball of fluff and teeth.” What’s funny is she won’t allow any of the kitties to touch her, so this was a whole new ball of fluff for her.

I have to say though no one was hurt or even remotely off their temper by having to stay together.  Note to self – always check the crate for sleepy kitties before putting Coco in.  This is Madison perfectly happy this morning, sunning herself.


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    1. Jan 25 July - 2008

      I never see enough of your menagerie! They are all so adorable. Thanks for the new photos.

    2. Julie 25 July - 2008

      That’s too funny! I can just hear Maddy now.