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Coco’s Big Day

With Coco just reaching the 6 month mark, it was time to have her little surgery done.  Poor thing had the works actually.  She needed all her baby canines pulled out (the roots on the teeth amazed the doctor), then flushed her eye ducts since they were closed and finally she was spayed.  Whew lots of work for a 6 lb 6 ounce dog.

This is how she looked as soon as she came home.


Poor thing – she’s already feeling much better though.

Since she would barely let me up, without trying to follow me around the house, I stayed put and knitted a quick and easy dishcloth.

dishcloth 11-24-2008 10-43-40 PM

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    1. Julie 28 November - 2008

      What a cute dishcloth and I’m so glad to hear she’s feeling better.