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Covered Composition Book

So I bought way to many comp books during the back to school sale… I can’t resist a good sale.  Some were my favorite – the Staples Eco-Friendly brand (fountain pen friendly) – with the brown spine and some where the regular ones with the black spin.  I love the size and portability of these books.  Also I love how the pages are sewn in… it reminds me not to rip out.  However, the covers are well… blah…some are so-so and some are downright ugly.

covered notebooks

So after a little trial and error I got some covers I liked – super simple process too.  So I used just some double sided tape and taped the cover.  When I ran out – I used a little glue stick.  I then took the scrap book paper and laid it on top matching up one end to the bottom or top and along the spine.  Then after it was good and stuck down I flipped it open and used a utility knife and cut slowly along the edge.

Back Covered notebook

I used pretty scrap book paper on the top and then just card stock because it was a little heavier on the bottom.  Plus with the two I can easily pull it out of my bag and know which end is up.  When I got a smudge on the 3rd one I made and knew I was finally going to get success – the first two are RIP – I decide to bust out the stamps and now it’s got sheep.  Oh and the black ones you can use a corner nipper to get a nice rounded corner – but on the Staples ones you can just cut an angle because the cover is thicker and really the edge isn’t rounded.  So once I got the hang of it – 5 books took about 1 hour – including the stamping and picking out the paper.

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    1. julie 07 February - 2010

      Those are supercute. I need to remember to try that with my black and white one.

    2. beverly 06 February - 2010

      Nice project!