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Crewel Problems

So I’m still trying to complete the crewel sampler project that I have been working on… oh for the last many months.  I’m forcing myself to finish this before I start a new project.  This is actually the practice before the sampler.  However, I don’t seem to work on it very often and when I do I ended up doing a lot of ripping.

crewel stitching 7-12-2009 1-15-17 AM

On this part the right side looks great.  The left – not so much… I don’t like that I can’t see the clear definition.  I think I have to re-trace and try again.  This is my toughest stitch.  The long and short shading stitch.  I signed up for another class with Cyberstitches, which is a wonderful benefit of guild membership, Shading Stitches.  It is all long and short stitch, so I’m going to have to get this one going.

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    1. julie 19 July - 2009

      Well, clearly practice is working since it’s definitely improving. Very pretty!