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Cute Kitties

I know shameless title.  So I’m still just spinning the lace, so nothing new to report on the craft front.

However, I don’t want to miss the Whisker’s on Wednesday, especially since they were quite photogenic this past weekend.

Madison sticking her toungue out 5-31-2009 5-29-38 PM

Madison – closing her eyes and sticking her tounge out.

Honey's big yawn 5-31-2009 5-30-34 PM

Honey – My what big teeth you have Grandma.  (Thanks to Julie for that one.)

Charlie in Zen 5-31-2009 7-16-01 PM

Charlie – I’m pondering the meaning of life while this little kitty bed dries in the sun.

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  • COMMENTS (2)

    1. Bubblesknits 04 June - 2009

      Oh, I love that first picture! Precious. 🙂

    2. julie 04 June - 2009

      Those were some great kitty pictures!