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D is for Deadlines

Once again I can confirm why knitter’s have this thing called – rotation. Knitting the same things – day after day after day… gets dang boring. Plus this makes for a very boring blog. I seem to just be focused on my projects right now and since everyone knows what Mac ‘n Cheese looks like I don’t have much else to talk about. Shame on me.

So yes the little mitered squares are moving along – I may finish the squares this week. It’s a super fast knit, especially when you are so focused on getting things done before the babies are born.

cocoon lace scarf 3-3-2008 9-11-30 AM

What is not faster, but still an easy lace pattern is my cocoon lace, which I worked on yesterday while I finished listening to The Power of One, which by the way is an excellent book. A little violent and dark, but full of hope. I’ve decided to put off listening to the sequel for a while, which is Tandia, to get into something a bit lighter. I picked out the first book in the James Herriot series, All Creatures Great and Small – I would like to listen to the whole series. I don’t know how I missed this series as a kid, since my childhood dream was to be a country vet. I’m much too much of a softy though, as I know it can be tough, plus I would probably be totally broke all the time. (lol) At least I could take payment in wool.

I forgot to take a picture of my Saturday Sky, whoops. It seems like all of them are really looking the same lately, so no biggie, but you can sure tell spring is in sight as it actually got warmer through the day yesterday and by 10 pm when the dogs went out it was 53-degrees. Whoa – now that’s interesting. Hopefully everyone will be safe though as it seems to be causing some terrible weather further south.

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