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So in between lazing it around this weekend, I’ve been busy de-constructing the craft room, building new shelves, moving things around a bit to make room for my chairs that are coming next weekend and what not.  It’s total heap of a mess or I would show you.  Really it’s totally embarrassing.

I’ve also been browsing ravelry, where I found the adult version of EZ’s February baby sweater modified by Flint Knits.  I’ve always thought this would look fantastic as an adult sweater.  I love the looks of it and the only thing I would do is make the sleeves longer.  I’m not a fan of 3/4 sleeves for some reason.  I don’t know why, just not.  Anyway, I cleaned out my Ravlery queue and now it’s going to get long again.  🙂

The dogs got groomed yesterday and Sophie has been too funny.  They are on a pretty regimented grooming schedule.  Thursday night after husband took a shower and Friday night after I got done cleaning up, she put herself in the shower/bath.  This is the place I normally bath them because it has a hose/shower head.

Sophie waiting for her bath.

I coaxed her out with a treat, but she went right back in.

sophie 6-7-2008 4-10-36 PM

She’s much happier and exhausted now that she is clean.

Max all clean 6-7-2008 4-09-14 PM

Max is looking quite poodley too.  I absolutely love fresh groomed poodle.  Yes, I’ve been playing with Fickr Toy’s too this weekend.  Thanks to Zeneedle for sharing those.  I’m finding it a lot of fun.

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    1. Laurie 10 June - 2008

      That EZ adult sweater has been quite viral around Ravelry these past few days. It would be flattering to many.