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Digitizing with Judy Allen

Last week was a wonderful week.  I spent it with Judy Allen, Sue Schmieden, and other students at The Quilting Connection.

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The first two days were all about the basics of Art & Stitch.  Then we got onto drawing feathers the Judy Allen way, which let me say is genius.  I’ve never sat down and drawn feathers so well the first go around.  Judy is a great teacher.  If you ever get a chance to take a class with her, by all means jump at it.  I know Judy will be back at The Quilting Connection again and if you’re wondering Elkhorn, WI is a charming town to visit and spend some time.

Unfortunately this week, I’ve been down with a cold, but I’ve been working slowly working getting the rest of my feather digitized and learn more about Art & Stitch.

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