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Dyed in Lilac

Here is the dyed version of the scarf I posted Saturday.  The ends have been twisted and then the dyeing began.

woven lilac scarf 7-27-2009 1-57-36 PM

I think this has real potential to become interesting work.  Here’s an up close of the fabric.

up close woven lilac scarf 7-27-2009 6-05-08 PM

As I suspected the two yarns took the dye differently… now of course I’m thinking of doing different patterns in different yarns, doing different yarns together, resistant dye yarns, yarns that will soak up dye, painting sections… the process has made me think of the innumerable possibilities.

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  • COMMENTS (4)

    1. Beverly 29 July - 2009

      That is gorgeous – and just my color.

    2. melanie 28 July - 2009

      Beautiful. Just beautiful!

    3. julie 28 July - 2009

      I love the color, that turned out beautifully.

    4. Karen 27 July - 2009

      WOW…looks wonderful.
      I imagine the group will get to see it on Wednesday. 🙂
      Keep having fun, it works for you.