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Dyeing Sea Colors

With our snow day, I was inspired to dye some more this week as I’ve been carding the first batch up of lovely rovings, which I can’t wait to spin. Even though I missed out on the NaSpiMoMo my beautiful reds and pinks fits perfectly with the fire theme of Project Spectrum.

These were meant to have a blue-green sea effect.  The top is bright blue, the middle a blue-green and the bottom more green.

more dyeing 2-10-2008 9-22-41 PM

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  • COMMENTS (2)

    1. Jackie 13 February - 2008

      Love the colors, great mitten, scarf or hat colors!

    2. Eva 11 February - 2008

      Oh pretty… what are you going to make out of it? Will you be spinning them together or just use together??

      Cheers Eva