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Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny brought me a new iPad.  I’m not sure this will cure my library habit.  Having an e-reader is definitely new to me and we’ll see how my reading habits evolve.


I found it funny that this weekend I also spent time with the Respect the Spindle DVD and worked on my spinning.  The newest tool in the world with one of the oldest known tool in the world.  I’m a study in contrast.  Just a little practice and I’m getting much faster with my spindles.


Finally I broke out the wheel and spun some of this gorgeous roving that I got at the Madison event a few weeks ago.  That by the way is a fabulous event with lots of great vendors.


The only problem was my hands turned a little orange.  I hope there is not too much bleeding when I set the twist.



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    1. Carrie 17 April - 2010

      Do you love the iPad? Your spinning is stunning. Makes me want to get out my wheel.

    2. julie 07 April - 2010

      An ipad, fun! And the spinning is gorgeous as always

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