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EQ7 Summer Draw Series

So I’ve had EQ7 for awhile now and have been diligently playing with it, but haven’t really done any sewing from it.  When I saw they were having a sew along, not just drawing along, I decided now was my chance to join in.  This is block 1.

1st block in the Summer Draw Series

They show you how to draw the block with EasyDraw Worktable and you follow along, then I printed out the rotary cutting directions and sewed it up.  Today is the link party to all the ones done here.  They are also giving mini lessons on other blocks. Their blog just has all sorts of useful info.  Of course I’m doing mine out of reproduction fabrics.  It’s a 12.5″ block unfinished.


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    1. Julie 01 June - 2013


    2. Raewyn 31 May - 2013

      Beautiful block! Isn’t this draw and sewalong a great idea?! I’ve learnt plenty already 🙂