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Farewell to Winky Elephant and the Ends are Woven

Knitting content towards the bottom today.

I knew today was just an off day. I was just “off” all day. First my computer at work was moving like molasses and then nothing just seemed to get accomplished today. Then DH asked if I saw the headline and no I didn’t. I was weaving in the ends as he read the news to me. While I only saw Winky while she resided at the Detroit zoo and really I didn’t know her… I was still so sad to hear her passing. I’m happy she had three happy years in California at PAWs, but still very sad.

I was on the band wagon to have Winky and her companion Wanda go to Paws or another sanctuary at the beginning. If you all don’t remember it was touch and go for a while there. The Detroit Zoo was all for sending them to happy retirement, but when the American Zoo and Aquarium Association stepped in saying the elephants should go to Columbus zoo, it looked bleak. Especially since her bonded partner Wanda was really on loan from the San Antonio Zoo, which sided with the AZA.

At that point I wrote the director of the Detroit Zoo, along with many others, saying how the lovely California sunshine and fresh grassy fields would be so much better for them. I got a personal response from the director, complete with all the details about why they were going to be moved to the new zoo. I like to think in the end common sense prevailed, but the fact is Wanda either carries a type of virus or has antibodies of it that could be fatal to young elephants. It does not however bother her. Everyone held their breath for 3 days while they were driven across country and we were all logging on getting Winky and Wanda updates. I was hoping they would just make it safely and they did.

Anyway, DH has reminded me to stop crying or else I’ll have puffy face tomorrow. Really I was doing good until I read these two sentences in the press release. “She had three veterinarians in attendance while she was euthanized. Her companion, Wanda, choose to stay with her for some time.” So sad. Here’s a really nice picture of them together at Paws (picture 27).

In the interim of this sad news, basketball, and regular evening activities like lap time, cuddles, and pats for my own critters, I managed to get the ends woven in… can you believe it. Really it only took about 2 hours to do and it flew by.

the ends are woven 4-7-2008 10-06-52 PM

Here are all the little ends and a poodle ear… the ends 4-7-2008 10-06-58 PM


And Jack who kept jumping in front of the camera. He’s a little ham. jack the cat 4-7-2008 10-07-07 PM


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    1. Eva 09 April - 2008

      LOL… that kitten looks soooo smug in that picture 🙂

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