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Farmer’s Wife

I signed up at one of my LQS to do a Farmer’s Wife quilt along.  I had a chance to pop over to the store today to pick up supplies.  I want to do this in reproduction fabric, but alas I had none in my stash.  Poor me… it required stash enhancement.  I wanted to get this done early since I have another class that day that I will be running late to – talk about a little over scheduling.  It’s hard to be in two places at once.

Farmer's Wife Quilt Supplies
 I was told we would be doing 6-8 blocks a session.  I somehow managed to grab 42 different prints.  I’m thinking this will give me  good start and I can post my progress in a few weeks here.  I am thinking I may need a few more greens, reds and golds as I go.  I seem to be fine in the lights, blues, browns and purples.

Daisy in a box

I stopped to pick up a tote to keep all these supplies together.  Daisy thought it was for her and was really not pleased when I told her she would relinquish it to the fabric.

If you like the Farmer’s Wife – did you know a new book is coming out this fall.  The Farmer’s Wife Pony Club.  I was reading through the website and this one looks like a pre-order.  I’ll be making this one next.  I *heart* samplers.

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    1. Julie 09 July - 2011

      Love your fabrics, can’t wait to see your quilt evolve. Gee, that tote looks perfect for Daisy to me 😉