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Faygo on Wednesday

The weather was beautiful today and spring fever is starting to hit.  We had 60-degress today and some sun.  Yeah!  I thought since it’s cat’s on Wednesday – it would be a good day to get a new picture of Faygo since his fur has grown back.


Also lookie what I got today –

Sailor 1911

My Valentines day present has arrived.  DH picked out another one, unfortunately they couldn’t get that one anymore.  After we changed the order to this lovely one and some new inks, I found the original one an Fountain Pen Network and it’s winging it’s way here now.

Sailor 1911

Sailor 1911 and new Ink

I inked it with Sailor Irori Ink.

Inked the Sailor

Also I may have put in another ink order from Jet Pens, but we won’t talk about that until Friday.

Kinda interesting this week.  I’m currently working in the marketing department.  Some of the folks went to a class about how to build your email business. One of the things the instructor suggested was that if you have writers block use a pen and paper instead of the computer.  The computer is a linear thinking tool, where the pen lets you think in a non-linear manner.  I’m all for using more pens an ink.

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  • COMMENTS (4)

    1. Doulton 16 March - 2010

      Oh, absolutely stunningly beautiful!
      Wot larks!

    2. Bubblesknits 11 March - 2010

      I’m glad Faygo is still doing okay. Love, love, love the pen!

    3. julie 11 March - 2010

      Ah Faygo’s looking a bit less alarming now 😉 Gorgeous new pen!

    4. melanie 10 March - 2010

      very. very. nice!!