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February Continues

I know it’s April, but the February Lady’s Sweater continues.  Finally.

February Lady's Sweater progress 4-15-2009 2-08-05 PM

I’ve made it to the pattern part of the sweater and I’m finally making progress.  I’ve split off the sleeves and now it’s just down the body.  I think it will fit.  I keep going back and forth between the XS and Small, but having made the Einstein Coat the garter stitch does have a tendency to bag and now I swim in that sweater.  So this time, I picked the XS and then sweated that it would fit.  I know you can try it on as you go, but I’m so lazy I’d have to slip another needle or thread through and I just haven’t done that.  So I carefully slipped it on and it seemed to fit, so it should be fine.

Miss Madison 4-15-2009 2-09-14 PM

It’s about 60-degrees and beautiful today.  Madison is thoroughly enjoying herself outside.

Angry Sunshine 4-14-2009 3-27-41 PM

Sunshine is getting chased by Coco here and as a result giving her a good hiss.  I just love that little back off face.  (lol)

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  • COMMENTS (4)

    1. Rissa 18 April - 2009

      I know a lot of black cats look alike, but that could be a picture of my Choochie when he was young.

    2. Michelle 18 April - 2009

      The FLS looks great! I do have to say that if I did it over again I would go a size down so I think you’re doing the right thing.

    3. Bubblesknits 16 April - 2009

      Yeah, that’s definitely a back off face. lol

    4. Monica 15 April - 2009

      Hahah that is a fantastic face Sunshine is giving Coco.