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My friend Rabecca was mentioning at knitting that her felted bag was having trouble felting.  Always up for a challenge myself, I volunteered to give the felting a go.

Pre felting 7-19-2009 8-33-03 AM

This was pre-felted.

Felted bag 7-19-2009 9-53-02 AM

This was after one trip through my washer with my mad felting skills.  Hopefully she will be pleased.

It’s now about 15″ x 9″, which is a good size for a messenger bag.

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    1. Rabecca 23 July - 2009

      It’s perfect!!! Thank you so much!!! It’s awsome!!!

    2. Bubblesknits 20 July - 2009

      Our washing machine doesn’t felt well. Not a bad thing under most circumstances, but when I’m actually *trying* to felt something… lol.