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Finishing Up 2011

So last day of the year… just a small wrap up, as I’ve been busy as ever working on projects and trying to check things off the list.

I finished two bags for friends for Christmas prezzies.

Here’s the insides… one in beige and one in gray.

I also managed to finished the foundation paper piecing mat and get it done, quilted with some red metallic thread, and bound.

Up close of those tiny little pieces.

Finally… picked up some new wall art… indulging my quilting sense.

Sister’s Choice on the left, Dutch Rose in the middle, and a LeMoyne Star on the right.

Also appears my Flickr plug-in has broken with this latest WordPress update… hope they get that fixed soon, but you can see higher quality photos always at my Flickr page here.  Hate having to scale back my photos.  There does seem to be a few changes in this latest edition of WP that I’m not too crazy about.  I’m hoping that smooths itself over soon.


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    1. Julie 31 December - 2011

      Lovely projects all. Look at you go!