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First Attempt

So after rooting through my stash, I picked out some colors that I think may work for this Danish tie-shawl. I’m still deciding on the Alpaca as I’m not sure that will work for the singles.

danish tie shawl wool 4-16-2008 11-14-10 AM 4-16-2008 11-14-10 AM

I started spinning at group last night and then continued when I got home.

sample of singles  4-17-2008 10-46-50 AM

Not as straight as I would like but I think it will work for this pattern since it’s garter stitch. I did do a little hand felting when I set the twist in the hopes it won’t pill as much.

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    1. jessie 18 April - 2008

      Wow. You don’t waste any time! I love that blue.