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First Haircut

We’ve had an on and off day with weather today.  It thunderstormed this morning and then became nice this afternoon.  Now it’s threatening again.

Rockton  8-9-2008 5-02-32 PM

Today was a day of firsts.  After our puppy class, which ended up being the extended version today.  We went to the groomers for our first haircut.  Sorry but prepare for the cuteness.


I really love this bright blue bandanna – she’s going to need sweaters for the cold, cold winters around here.  One will have to be out of this color.  She also slept through the night last night – from 11pm to 6:20AM – whee.  She also just went to the back door to tell me she has to go out for the first time tonight.  At 12.5 weeks – I think this is fantastic.

Coco 8-9-2008 4-31-59 PM

Here’s one of the cute little feet.


Here is Sophie – we went a little shorter on her face.  I think she looks right smart. 

Sophie new do 8-9-2008 4-30-18 PM

Here’s one of my smiling Max.

Max the happy boy 8-9-2008 4-31-06 PM

I have totally finished my end sewing of the Bee Field Shawls – blocking shortly and the ends on the scarves are also done.  Things are getting done – albeit slowly,

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    1. jessie 11 August - 2008

      Cuteness, cuteness, cuteness.