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Football Withdrawal

So I think DH is in football withdrawal because the kitchen has been hopping this weekend.  He’s tried two dinners and it’s been two hits.  Both recipes are from Cooks Illustrated.  First up was a delicious Texas Chili.  Next up was Pasta with Butternut Squash and Sage.

This is the sauce as it was cooking.

pasta sauce - butternut squash and sage 1-25-2009 7-32-35 PM 1-25-2009 7-32-35 PM

This is it plated.

Pasta with Butternut Squash and Sage 1-25-2009 7-47-05 PM

There was also baking that went on.  More bread bowls and rustic rolls coming up.

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    1. Julie 26 January - 2009

      Looks delicious! CI is my second favorite cooking magazine, right behind Fine Cooking.

    2. Sara 25 January - 2009

      Yum! Tell Mike he can make that pasta for me anytime!