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Freebie and Second Chair

So back in August I ordered a new La-Z-Boy chair – the Vail chair.  It’s a smaller chair that fits me perfectly.  No rocker as I want to be able to spin and don’t need the rocking.  Well it came and instead of being the pleasing pink I picked out… it was this insanely bright salmon color.  Even the folks at the store were like no way is this the sample.  So, I got to pick a new color and went with Saddle in their performance fabric.  I love the color… it just goes with everything and the fabric is so soft and warm.  Yeah!  I now have a chair to sit in and do my needle work, spinning, and crafty work.

New chairA freebie iron…hey can’t beat a free.  I bought something at Kohls using their “bucks” after the time frame.  Well ended up didn’t need the item, so I took it back, but had to do an exchange only.  Since I only had a few minutes to do the exchange I ran back to the irons and grabbed one.  It’s a B&D the little sister of the one I normally use.  Not as nice as the Digital Advantage, but not bad for free.

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