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Front Gardens

I think when we moved here almost three years ago, we didn’t realize how much gardening there really was to do on a regular basis.  We got an estimate earlier this month to deal with the entire front and back landscaping and they wanted something like $2K to get the yards back in order, which was just way out of our budget.  So a little Saturday and a little Sunday, and we managed to get the front yards in order.  So far we’ve spent about $80 on buying bagged mulch.  It took 34 bags for the front yard alone.  We’re suspecting another 25-30 for the back yard.  Once we know how much we need, we may try buying it in bulk and having it delivered, if that does in deed end up cheaper, but the bags were convenient.

front yard 1

front yard 3

front yard 2

Next Saturday, I’m working on my garden boxes and a little of the back.

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    1. Carrie 27 May - 2008

      The yard looks so nice. We did some clean up of our own this weekend:)