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Garter Stitch

Sometimes I just really love the simplicity of garter stitch.  I’m a huge fan of EZ and I think some of the most beautiful garments of hers are out of garter stitch.  I think I have at least an arms length worth of just garter stitch EZ items I want to make.

This year my knitting group is knitting for men at a homeless sheler.


I pulled out three balls from my stash when I made the Einstein coat (another garter stitch production) and just grabbed some big needles and casted on.  Before I knew it two were done and then I switched to the Red Scarf Project.


My friend Bev gave me this yarn and I’m just hoping this is random color design is cool enough for a young person.  We’ll see when I get it done.

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    1. I have made several scarves that practically asked for garter stitch. Even though simple, they can be very pretty.

    2. Beverly 02 August - 2008

      Looks like I better get knitting – I only have one scarf done!