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Good Exercise

Coco has been diagnosed with luxating patellas. This is very common in small dogs and she started holding her left leg up part of the time about a month or so ago.  Other times she has a little skip to her gait.  She will most likely have to have surgery on at least the left leg – possibly the right as well, which we’re coming to terms with here at Chez Purl.  Yes, I’m already worried and we haven’t even met with the surgeon yet.  Next month that is on our agenda.


Before that and any sort of surgery, we wanted to try to build her up and slim her down a bit (the girl loves her treats) with some good intensive exercise.  Every Saturday she’s been going swimming (at a heated indoor pool) for a half hour.  This week we’re picking it up to two times per week.  We’re combing that with some extra supplements, massages and icing on a daily basis hoping to give her the best chance possible.

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    1. Bubblesknits 19 September - 2010

      I’m so sorry she’s needs surgery, but thankful they know what it is and how to help. 🙂 Keep us updated!

    2. Jenn 19 September - 2010

      Awww, look at her in her little life jacket. Does she enjoy swimming?

    3. Mom2Schnauzers 19 September - 2010

      You’re an awesome “mama!” Fingers crossed for this to go as smoothly as possible.

    4. Julie 19 September - 2010

      So do you sit by the pool and watch all the while?